happy 5th anniversary to our music video queens, our ot6, and our favorite girls of variety, t-ara. you all work harder and put more energy into your passion than I could ever inspire to. thank you for all of your hard work and endless discography. stay strong and continue to have fun for a long long time. #티아라5주년축하해♥

"Music video queens” ~ LOVE IT!~


Happy 5th Anniversary !! <3

Suck me in.

Interviewer: So Coolio, who was your favorite BTS member to work with?
Coolio: Not Kim Taehyung


Day 637 of waiting completed! Welcome back Leader-nim :D

~love this! Congrats on regain ELFS!!!~

Mark during JYP Nation’s One Mic

Chanyeol as your friend

for parkchny

Chanyeol as your friend

for parkchny